Our Minister

Rev. Ibi Chuan is active in both church and community. He is not always in the office. Rev Ibi would love to meet with you, though, so call the office before you drop by to be sure he is in. You are always welcome to make an appointment with him.  Rev Ibi is available for appointments and for home visits.

Rev. Ming Yung (Ibi) Chuan

Ibi (as he prefers) began his journey with The United Church of Canada about 8 year ago

He is an indigenous from Bunun tribe in Taiwan.

He received his Bachelor of Arts in Christian education and a Master of Divinity from Yu-Shan Theological School in Taiwan. After arriving in British Columbia he completed a Master of Theology in Homiletics from Vancouver School of Theology in 2011 and is currently completing a doctoral degree with Carey Theological School at UBC.

He is passionate in theological conversation and the bridging between biblical text and the intercultural setting. A lifelong learner and seeker, he likes to share the spiritual life and Christian faith that is in the Bible.

Ibi has been supported in ministry by his beloved wife and children, his many friends and the United Church in Canada.

Ibi is committed to working with all ages to discover their Christian identity in the United Church and their own sense of ministry in the word. He is committed to working with affirming and is inclusive of faith-communities and is called to engage in conversation of how to be Church in our intercultural context.

Ibi introduces himself to the court of BC Conference, May 27, 2017

Ibi was ordained Sunday, May 28, 2017, by BC Conference, with BC Conference President, Rev. Keith Simmonds, presiding. He looks forward to serving at Cranbrook United Church in his new role as Ordained Minister, which began July 1, 2017.

Ordination Ceremony for Ibi


On October 15, 2017, Rev. Ibi’s call to Cranbrook United Church was celebrated in a covenanting service. 

Ibi, you have answered the call of God and Cranbrook United Church to minister here in Word, Sacrament, and Pastoral Care. You, the people of this congregation, are called together with Ibi as a Christ-centred community, to worship, study, pray, and act. We, the Kootenay Presbytery, will be responsible for the encouragement and support of this ministry. BC Conference will be responsible for Ibi’s oversight and discipline…

Gracious God, at our baptism you called each of us to Christ’s ministry; pour out your Holy Spirit upon us as we commit ourselves to work together in Jesus’ name. Amen